Art with meaning.

As single artists, working as a group, or paired with a neurotypical artist, each work is a personal expression of their interests. The color of communication brings people together, spans the globe, and eliminates barriers. You don’t have to talk to communicate, and, as you see, a brushstroke often speaks louder and more beautifully than words.

About Us

We help people with autism connect through their passions to reach their future and provide connection opportunities to help discover and recognize talents. We believe in the power of INTERESTS!

AutismOklahoma’s art programs help our artists to showcase their interests and talents. Their work gives them an opportunity to express their interests to others. Learn more about Swanky, Bee’s Knees, LookOut, and Duets HERE.

Since 2002, AutismOklahoma has successfully assisted in improving quality of life outcomes through 80+ unique programs that connect families, create opportunities for inspiring and engaging autistic individuals, and help communities recognize, understand, and honor neurodiversity.

We directly serve 4,500 children, teens, young adults, adults, and families impacted by autism each year, and another 15,000 Oklahomans are indirectly impacted. There are now more children, teens, young adults, adults, and families needing and asking for our programs than ever.

Your purchase of our art will directly support art classes, art supplies, and our costs to continue our public art shows in great community locations! Thank you!

Our Artwork